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20L Portable Solar Sun Camping Shower

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  • Light weight,empty bag can be foldedand and easy to carry. Don't miss a shower – even when you're camping
  • After a lot of outdoor exercise, you can effectively ensure that the body clean. Portable outdoor shower bags, 4.4 gal (20L) specifications, can be directly filled with water wash about 8-17 minutes.
  • Solar Heated. Fill the Bag with Water, black side up so let the sun shine. Take only 3 hours, it can make the 15℃(59℉) water reach 45 ℃(about 113℉).
  • The shower bag features a strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying as well as a handy on/off shower head valve to conserve water.
  • Case of emergency, can be used as emergency water storage bag.


  • Material: PVC
  • Main Colour: Black
  • Capacity: 5Gallons/20L
  • Bag Size: 60 x 40cm/ 23.6" x 16" (LxW)
  • Tube Size: 1.2 x 68cm/ 0.5" x 26.8" (DxL)
  • Hose Size: 2 x 28cm/ 0.8" x 11" (DxL);
  • Shower Head Dia : 3.5cm/ 1.4"

Package Included:

  • 1 x 20L Solar Shower Bag for Camping
  • 1 x hanging strap with hook
  • 1 x hose with shower head


  • Before loading water, the PVC handle must be inserted into the handle of the bag. So that ensure after full filling the water, mention the bag will not be torn.
  • For the first time, use a teaspoon of soda to wash the shower bag.
  • Please try the temperature before use, if too hot can add some cold water.
  • PVC material, do not touch sharp items, so as not to scratch the bag.Water temperature should not exceed 50 ℃, will affect the life of the shower bag.
  • Can not drink.
  • Empty bag storage.
  • Production batches are different, the box will be different.