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Double Shoulder Mommy Bag

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  • Side pocket: special tissue bag, easy to handle
  • Upper zipper pocket: can fit into small notebooks, mobile phones, etc.
  • Side zipper bag: Can be inserted into a paper towel and is easy to operate
  • Back safety bag: It can be used for iPhone mobile phones and other important items
  • Double-D baby stroller hanging ring The D-hanging ring of the stroller saves time and effort when traveling, making it easy for the backpack to hang!


  • Product Category: Mummy Bag
  • Applicable scene: travel storage
  • Fabric texture: Oxford
  • Lining texture: polyester
  • Capacity:
  • can put 1 can of milk powder, 2 baby bottles, clothes diapers, folding umbrella, iPad and other objects
  • Honeycomb sponge pad on the back, comfortable and breathable, not stuffy
  • 2 stroller hooks tucked into a backpack

Package Content:

  • The regular version includes a bag and hook, and the upgraded version includes a bag, hook and a cup holder.