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Lightweight Hammock with Mosquito Net

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  • If you hate wild blood sucking mosquitoes; if you hate the hot sun, no umbrellas are raining; if you want to take a break after hiking. Congratulations! Our tents are perfectly suited to your requirements.
  • First of all, I can tell you with certainty that this camping hammock is made up of three main members: a hammock, a mosquito net and a parasol. When the night falls, you can hang the mosquito net on the ground so that you can avoid mosquito bites. When strong sunlight comes, you can set the sky to avoid strong ultraviolet radiation. When the sudden heavy rain comes, you can quickly set the sky, so you can avoid rain, of course, the sky can also be removed and then come to the local pad!
  • Yes, you can also set up a camping hammock according to different geographical conditions. It can be replaced according to different needs, and it is convenient and convenient to install. The rope has three knot positions for you to adjust and determine the position of the shackle.


  • Name: with a canopy hammock
  • Hammock material: 210T nylon spinning
  • Sky screen material: 210T plaid fabric + PU waterproof 2000
  • Hammock size: 260 x 140cm(102"x55")
  • Sky screen size: 270 x 270cm(Diagonal size)(106"x106")
  • Hammock weight: 680g
  • Canopy weight: 300g

This product contains:

  • 1 X Sky screen
  • 4 X Wind rope
  • 2 X Long aluminum nails
  • 2 X Accessory storage bag
  • 1 X Sky screen Outer Bag
  • 1 X Mosquito Hammock
  • 2 X Double ring tree strap
  • 2 X Mosquito net rope
  • 2 X Large steel buckle
  • 1 X Hammock outer bag